Output, Outcome and Benefit – Pill 004

It is always a hot topic, especially in project management: what is the difference between Output, Outcome and Benefit? Let’s talk about these three things we all hear about everyday. The Output (in PM world, the deliverable): that is the thing that is created/delivered with the project The Outcome: that is the performance reached usingContinue reading “Output, Outcome and Benefit – Pill 004”

Project Complexity – Pill 003

If you know what complexity mean, you don’t need to check it on this link. But, when talking about Projects, when can we define them complex? A useful method that can be taken in consideration when assessing projects is made up by 4 different areas, and each of them has different shapes and reasons thatContinue reading “Project Complexity – Pill 003”

The MoSCoW (not the beloved cocktail) – Pill 001

The first Pill is dedicated to what is called “MoSCow” – it is not referred to the Moscow mule – a cocktail that people in Italy love – but it refers to to an approach that should be always adopted in project management (and life): Must: something that is mandatory, fundamental Should: valuable but notContinue reading “The MoSCoW (not the beloved cocktail) – Pill 001”

The Pet Projects (Yes, this post has a cat pic) – Pill 002

So you are reading it just to see a cute cat, and here we go: So, what is a “Pet Project”? It refers to the project that we need (or want) to treat as our beloved pet: we need to cuddle and caress it, these are our favorite projects, the ones that give to theContinue reading “The Pet Projects (Yes, this post has a cat pic) – Pill 002”