Managing Agile Projects – Pill 028

Agile: in the last decade, this word has been used basically for everything. Working from home -> Working Agile Projects without plan? -> Agile Some Web app tool for task management? -> Agile management In the last years I’ve seen people saying that they were working Agile only because of the usage of some KanbanContinue reading “Managing Agile Projects – Pill 028”

Test Driver Development – Pill 023

First, let’s recap what we all have learned about Project Management phases and timelines, they look most of the times like this: So, what’s wrong with that? This is as that worked for the last 30 years (and still working). The thing that is wrong about it is that we live in times where everythingContinue reading “Test Driver Development – Pill 023”

Milestones vs Deliverables – Pill 021

After Pill 020 where I wrote about what the Milestones are and Pill 004 where I discussed Outcome, Output and Benefit I think it is worth to clarify the difference between Milestone and Deliverable since many time they are confused on the work environment. Deliverable A deliverable is defined as any unique and verifiable product,Continue reading “Milestones vs Deliverables – Pill 021”

Project Milestones – Pill 020

Milestones! Those stumps that in ancient Rome marked – every thousand Roman steps – how much road had been done and how much to do, and remember that all the roads led to Rome so maybe that worked out!In the Project management world the Milestone marks a point of control (or event) relevant in ourContinue reading “Project Milestones – Pill 020”

Issue vs Risk – Pil 019

Many use the term “issue” to indicate a “risk”. So there is a little bit of confusion I’d like to address in this pill.I will keep it simple, but hopefully clear enough not to be mistaken:• The issue is a matter that needs a decision, it is something that has already happened;• Risk concerns theContinue reading “Issue vs Risk – Pil 019”

A-B-C: how to shape a Culture – Pill 017

A-B-C (did this song started in your head?), They stand for: Attitude Behavior Culture It’s a “model” widely used in risk management, but that can apply to basically everything, so what’s about A-B-C in project management? First of all, as you might noticed, the A-B-C refer to people and doesn’t care about the hard skills.Continue reading “A-B-C: how to shape a Culture – Pill 017”