Understanding a “Standard” – Pill 016

This pill is inspired by a “Big issue“: how to correctly divide and assign the responsibilities in a project, but I will discuss about SOD in another Pill.

Correctly in the sense of how “history” has taught us, like the Standards indicate to us it is opportune to do. I’ve noticed that nowadays “Standards” are often used to refer to something “old” and few times in a “good” way.

We hear about standards for everything, I’d like to drill down the literal meaning of that word , hoping that will help to give more relevance to a “Standard”

The etymology, from the French estendard, was the banner that was brought into the field of battle, and that in the battles of that time he pointed out to the fighter where the brothers in arms were, his garrison, where to run to save himself.

Adhering to a Standard is equivalent to being safe.

And if you don’t have a Standard … are you in danger? Think about it … even about Project Management!

It’s difficult to have a standard that works for everything, but everyone should find his/her standard to face projects, innovations…and life.

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