Issue vs Risk – Pil 019

Many use the term “issue” to indicate a “risk”. So there is a little bit of confusion I’d like to address in this pill.
I will keep it simple, but hopefully clear enough not to be mistaken:
• The issue is a matter that needs a decision, it is something that has already happened;
Risk concerns the future, so probable (not certain) condition, however not yet happened. Of course, if it happens, “somehow” will create consequences for the project.

Issues can be of 3 types:
1) out of specification, we did something that got us out of the track, and a decision must be made;
2) request for modification, whether by internal or external Stakeholders, however it must be properly processed, and a decision must be made;
3) problem, that is “what does not fall into 1) and 2)“, however something happened and needs our decision;
The risks are many … we’ll talk about it in another pill.

There is an easy connection between issues and risks: if we don’t make a decision on an issue (I don’t mean to make the wrong decision, but also if we simply don’t decide) … we risk!

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