The Nominal Group Technique – Pill 009

This post is related with the possible solution that we can use on idea generation within groups in order to avoid what discussed in Evaluation Apprehension – Pill 007 and Production Blocking – Pill 006. What can we do to overcome production blocking and evaluation apprehension? The nominal group technique consists of five stages: First, a facilitator welcomesContinue reading “The Nominal Group Technique – Pill 009”

(Multi)Project Management – Pill 010

On his table, Weinberg (1992) tried to quantify the time lost “jumping” within projects. A lot of researches show and affirm that multitasking kills efficiency. Unfortunately, in nowadays world, is impossible to do one thing at the time so how to be efficient while managing several projects? First we must set up a methodology thatContinue reading “(Multi)Project Management – Pill 010”

Contingency – Pill 008

That is a term widely used in project management, most of the time misused to justify a not well done planning or analysis. In project management Contingency is generally (and wrongly) used when talking about Times (when duration is uncertain) or Costs (the famous “safety bearings” to absorb some cost oscillation). Actually that usage ofContinue reading “Contingency – Pill 008”

Evaluation Apprehension – Pill 007

Evaluation apprehension is one of the two main problems and pitfalls in idea generation within groups, along with Production blocking. Let take the example of a team doing a brainstorming about developing a new car focusing on different domains: chassis, engine, design, and steering. Person D shares an idea from his or her own domain,Continue reading “Evaluation Apprehension – Pill 007”

Production Blocking – Pill 006

Generating ideas is not easy, especially in teams. Even if it is been proved that teams are more creative than individuals, there are some pitfalls related to idea generation within teams. In particular I’d like to discuss about Production Blocking and Evaluation apprehension Lets take the example of a team doing a brainstorming about developingContinue reading “Production Blocking – Pill 006”

SCAMPER methodology – Pill 005

Before talking about SCAMPER in idea generation and mangament, some background: The invention of SCAMPER (or S.CA.M.P.E.R.) is attributed to Bob Eberle, but (as you can read on Wiki) SCAMPER was proposed by Alex Faickney Osborn in 1953 first, and was further developed by Bob Eberle  author of books about creativity for children aimed at teachers. HisContinue reading “SCAMPER methodology – Pill 005”