Understanding a “Standard” – Pill 016

This pill is inspired by a “Big issue“: how to correctly divide and assign the responsibilities in a project, but I will discuss about SOD in another Pill. Correctly in the sense of how “history” has taught us, like the Standards indicate to us it is opportune to do. I’ve noticed that nowadays “Standards” areContinue reading “Understanding a “Standard” – Pill 016″

Projects Lifecycle – Pill 015

Project lifecycle are different based on the objective, the team and the scope of a project. Here a summary of the possible different Project lifecycle: Predictive / Waterfall, where all work can be predicted at the start, including decisions between options, technologies, sequence changes will be managed. Iterative / prototype, in which part of theContinue reading “Projects Lifecycle – Pill 015”

Projects and Programs – Pill 014

We all know the definition of a Project and Program. Sometime I hear some definition of program that are quite confusing (and wrong). Below you will find a summary of areas of difference in addition to the general differences (table below). In a Project the Team – made up of people committed to delivering deliverablesContinue reading “Projects and Programs – Pill 014”

Innovation and Business Strategy – Pill 013

To produce innovation we must have an innovation strategy. What is it? An innovation strategy is different from a firm’s overall strategy. The business strategy aims at what the firm, as a whole, wants to achieve, and how to achieve that goal. Although these what and how questions sound familiar to the ones in innovation strategy, here theyContinue reading “Innovation and Business Strategy – Pill 013”

Project’s constraints – Pill 012

Projects are full of constraints, it’s important to know where are they and the possible pitfalls that a project might stumble on: • What to actually Do (and what to do not do) • Deadlines, not only the final one, even intermediate; • Economic ones (budget) perhaps distributed over the various phases; • Organizational: theContinue reading “Project’s constraints – Pill 012”