A-B-C: how to shape a Culture – Pill 017

A-B-C (did this song started in your head?), They stand for:

  • Attitude
  • Behavior
  • Culture

It’s a “model” widely used in risk management, but that can apply to basically everything, so what’s about A-B-C in project management?

First of all, as you might noticed, the A-B-C refer to people and doesn’t care about the hard skills.

Culture is “as we think / do things”, (simple but good definition).

Going backwards, culture is shaped by repeated thoughts / behaviors, and these are guided by our mentality.

Culture then influences behaviors and mentality, but it is interesting to highlight how it is a different mentality that determines a new behavior which, if repeated (because valid!), Becomes culture!

It is not possible to change a culture by trying to act on it.

It changes thanks to a new mentality, and consistent behaviors, which trigger the virtuous circle, A-B-C.

It applies to everything, to personal and professional growth, to children’s education, to PM culture and, more generally, to the culture of people!

We must approach projects (and life) with a more serious and far-sighted mentality.

Everyone has the culture they deserve, and it depends on our mentality.

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