Managing Agile Projects – Pill 028

Agile: in the last decade, this word has been used basically for everything. Working from home -> Working Agile Projects without plan? -> Agile Some Web app tool for task management? -> Agile management In the last years I’ve seen people saying that they were working Agile only because of the usage of some KanbanContinue reading “Managing Agile Projects – Pill 028”

Reactions to Change – Pill 026

Change by definition is “to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone”. After talking about how to prepare and execute change, let’s see which reactions can be experienced. People can react in different ways to change that impactContinue reading “Reactions to Change – Pill 026”

Executing change – Pill 025

After preparing for change is time for the executing. At this stage, the organization implements the planned changes on technology, structure, culture, or procedures. The specifics of how change should be executed will depend on the type of change. However, there are two tips that may facilitate the success of a change effort. PROVIDE SUPPORT: As the changeContinue reading “Executing change – Pill 025”

Preparing for change – Pill 024

As their definition, Projects bring change most of the times, since they deliver something new to the organization, and unique. So what to keep in mind when delivering a Project? Many change efforts fail because people are insufficiently prepared for change. When people impacted by the project (that we should have mapped within the Stakeholders)Continue reading “Preparing for change – Pill 024”

Test Driver Development – Pill 023

First, let’s recap what we all have learned about Project Management phases and timelines, they look most of the times like this: So, what’s wrong with that? This is as that worked for the last 30 years (and still working). The thing that is wrong about it is that we live in times where everythingContinue reading “Test Driver Development – Pill 023”