Why Design Thinking matters – Pill 027

I think this is a quite of a buzz word, Design Thinking has gained a lot of interest in the last years. I came across a post from HBR that states “Why Design Thinking Works“, and I started to think not just why it works, but why it matters.

I like to think about Design Thinking as a mindset, you need to shift your perspective and goal in order to embrace Design thinking, why it matters? Think about these 4 concepts:

Human-centered: Human-centered is where we always start, with people. With real human beings. Not demographics or segmentation schemes. Design thinking emphasizes the importance of deep exploration into the lives and the problems of the people we hope to generate value for before we’re allowed to start generating solutions. It’s also enthusiastic about engaging other human beings in co-creation.

Possibility Driven: it uses this information we’ve learned to ask the question, what if anything, were possible? As we begin to create new ideas about how to serve them and follow transcript. It also focuses on generating multiple option, and avoids putting our eggs in particular solution basket.

Options focused: We expect to be wrong a lot, so we want to put multiple irons in the fire and let our stakeholders tell us which works for them, which means we want to manage a portfolio of new ideas

Iterative: It’s committed to conducting cycles of real world experiments rather than running analysis using historical data.I t’s a process of continuously forming and testing and then reforming our ideas about what works. We don’t expect to get it right the first time. We expect to iterate our way to success.

So..why does it matters? Because putting people first, accepting failure and different options can make really the world a better place.

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