Test Driver Development – Pill 023

First, let’s recap what we all have learned about Project Management phases and timelines, they look most of the times like this:

So, what’s wrong with that? This is as that worked for the last 30 years (and still working). The thing that is wrong about it is that we live in times where everything must be customer centric (or user centric, or if you prefer “Human Centric”).

Even if the TDD is quite “old” as a practice, I think is a great starting point on trying to shift the development from a classic approach to an agile one, where we care more about how the end user experience would be, how the actions needed to complete an interaction would be.

So, what is TDD? First, it was “created” by Kent Beck and just like in agile approach, TDD consists of small iterations where test scenarios drive the projects

.In test driven development, you begin by writing the test cases covering the new functionality, then you write the production code necessary to make the test pass, and after that you refactor the code to make it more maintainable. So, it would look like that:

As always, these pills are written to inspire some curiosity on you, if you want to find more about TDD it’s plenty of articles, enjoy your reads!

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