The Pet Projects (Yes, this post has a cat pic) – Pill 002

So you are reading it just to see a cute cat, and here we go:

So, what is a “Pet Project”? It refers to the project that we need (or want) to treat as our beloved pet: we need to cuddle and caress it, these are our favorite projects, the ones that give to the Sponsor, Project Manager or team member(s) more satisfaction and pleasure.

The needs that these type of project satisfy can be more or less evident (with more or less sense). Did it happen to you at least once to be the sponsor or the project manager of a Pet Project? It happens sometime to have motivation for a project that goes over the rational and expected one.

Of course, it is always better to be optimistic and excited for each project, but going over the average can cause some sense of blindness and be dangerous for the project results.

How to manage these “risks”? Yes, be too involved in a project can be a risk. There is only one way: The Project Risk register. That will help to have an objective view of the project risks (maybe insert that risk on a “private sheet” :).

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