Managing Agile Projects – Pill 028

Agile: in the last decade, this word has been used basically for everything. Working from home -> Working Agile Projects without plan? -> Agile Some Web app tool for task management? -> Agile management In the last years I’ve seen people saying that they were working Agile only because of the usage of some KanbanContinue reading “Managing Agile Projects – Pill 028”

A-B-C: how to shape a Culture – Pill 017

A-B-C (did this song started in your head?), They stand for: Attitude Behavior Culture It’s a “model” widely used in risk management, but that can apply to basically everything, so what’s about A-B-C in project management? First of all, as you might noticed, the A-B-C refer to people and doesn’t care about the hard skills.Continue reading “A-B-C: how to shape a Culture – Pill 017”