The MoSCoW (not the beloved cocktail) – Pill 001

The first Pill is dedicated to what is called “MoSCow” – it is not referred to the Moscow mule – a cocktail that people in Italy love – but it refers to to an approach that should be always adopted in project management (and life):

  • Must: something that is mandatory, fundamental
  • Should: valuable but not fundamental
  • Could: nice to have, but not necessary
  • Won’t: already excluded

It seems a pretty easy and clear concept but most of the times this schema is not taken in consideration when approaching a project: defining what is a Must, Should, Could or Won’t will create a more efficient project management. Using the MSCW will help to better organize the activities and clarify everything with the stakeholders.


If you want to learn more about the MoSCow here some interesting link1, link2 and link3.

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