Preparing for change – Pill 024

As their definition, Projects bring change most of the times, since they deliver something new to the organization, and unique. So what to keep in mind when delivering a Project? Many change efforts fail because people are insufficiently prepared for change. When people impacted by the project (that we should have mapped within the Stakeholders)Continue reading “Preparing for change – Pill 024”

Milestones vs Deliverables – Pill 021

After Pill 020 where I wrote about what the Milestones are and Pill 004 where I discussed Outcome, Output and Benefit I think it is worth to clarify the difference between Milestone and Deliverable since many time they are confused on the work environment. Deliverable A deliverable is defined as any unique and verifiable product,Continue reading “Milestones vs Deliverables – Pill 021”

The Pet Projects (Yes, this post has a cat pic) – Pill 002

So you are reading it just to see a cute cat, and here we go: So, what is a “Pet Project”? It refers to the project that we need (or want) to treat as our beloved pet: we need to cuddle and caress it, these are our favorite projects, the ones that give to theContinue reading “The Pet Projects (Yes, this post has a cat pic) – Pill 002”