Milestones vs Deliverables – Pill 021

After Pill 020 where I wrote about what the Milestones are and Pill 004 where I discussed Outcome, Output and Benefit I think it is worth to clarify the difference between Milestone and Deliverable since many time they are confused on the work environment. Deliverable A deliverable is defined as any unique and verifiable product,Continue reading “Milestones vs Deliverables – Pill 021”

Project Milestones – Pill 020

Milestones! Those stumps that in ancient Rome marked – every thousand Roman steps – how much road had been done and how much to do, and remember that all the roads led to Rome so maybe that worked out!In the Project management world the Milestone marks a point of control (or event) relevant in ourContinue reading “Project Milestones – Pill 020”

Contingency – Pill 008

That is a term widely used in project management, most of the time misused to justify a not well done planning or analysis. In project management Contingency is generally (and wrongly) used when talking about Times (when duration is uncertain) or Costs (the famous “safety bearings” to absorb some cost oscillation). Actually that usage ofContinue reading “Contingency – Pill 008”

Output, Outcome and Benefit – Pill 004

It is always a hot topic, especially in project management: what is the difference between Output, Outcome and Benefit? Let’s talk about these three things we all hear about everyday. The Output (in PM world, the deliverable): that is the thing that is created/delivered with the project The Outcome: that is the performance reached usingContinue reading “Output, Outcome and Benefit – Pill 004”

Project Complexity – Pill 003

If you know what complexity mean, you don’t need to check it on this link. But, when talking about Projects, when can we define them complex? A useful method that can be taken in consideration when assessing projects is made up by 4 different areas, and each of them has different shapes and reasons thatContinue reading “Project Complexity – Pill 003”

The Pet Projects (Yes, this post has a cat pic) – Pill 002

So you are reading it just to see a cute cat, and here we go: So, what is a “Pet Project”? It refers to the project that we need (or want) to treat as our beloved pet: we need to cuddle and caress it, these are our favorite projects, the ones that give to theContinue reading “The Pet Projects (Yes, this post has a cat pic) – Pill 002”