Managing Agile Projects – Pill 028

Agile: in the last decade, this word has been used basically for everything.

  • Working from home -> Working Agile
  • Projects without plan? -> Agile
  • Some Web app tool for task management? -> Agile management

In the last years I’ve seen people saying that they were working Agile only because of the usage of some Kanban board. So in this Pill I’d like to outline the main principles that actually should be followed to say that (i) you are managing a project and (ii) you are doing it “Agile”

  • Control: that is a top down activity -> as a “Project Manager” you have to verify checkpoints, milestones (yeah, you should have defined some milestone or checkpoint throughout the project life)
  • Monitor: that is a bottom up activity, ensure that information come from those who develop the solution, data is king..right?
  • Delegate: to have a project it is necessary that there is always a certain number of people and that they are accountable and responsible for the tasks.
  • Plan: So, a project is something with a beginning, end and a lot of stuff in the middle.
  • Motivate: aim for a one team culture, the “blaming culture” (to blame and look for the scapegoat) does not exist in Agile and must not exist elsewhere too .

I think these 5 principle may be really helpful when talking about projects, do you?

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