Project Complexity – Pill 003

If you know what complexity mean, you don’t need to check it on this link.

But, when talking about Projects, when can we define them complex? A useful method that can be taken in consideration when assessing projects is made up by 4 different areas, and each of them has different shapes and reasons that contribute to make a project complex:

  • Dimension: it can refer to Team (is bigger than usual? smaller?), Budget and time.
  • Innovation: it refers to how new is the product/process that we want to create with the project
  • Instability: how likely the scope of the project will change (is changing) during the project?
  • Hostility: given by adverse stakeholders, the visibility on all the phases and activities of the project or challenging constraints.

A good way to mix these 4 dimensions is to assign to each of them a value between 1-10 and, if you use these metrics during all your projects you will have a rational scale to compare projects and approach them differently based on how complex that will look.

Here a matrix that shows the relation between the different areas

The lower are the Stability and initial definition the more complex a Project can be

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