Projects Lifecycle – Pill 015

Project lifecycle are different based on the objective, the team and the scope of a project.

Here a summary of the possible different Project lifecycle:

  • Predictive / Waterfall, where all work can be predicted at the start, including decisions between options, technologies, sequence changes will be managed.
  • Iterative / prototype, in which part of the work can be foreseen, but time and costs will be linked to options that will came out from the phases, even if they continue or not, or divert to other choices.
  • Incremental, in which we proceed through fixed intervals, producing increases on the deliverable, which will be complete only upon completion of the last interaction.
  • Adaptive / Agile, in which the work is carried out in predetermined fixed intervals, varying the definition of the deliverable, depending on the requests that, at regular intervals, become clearer; the deliverable grows, and from provisional it becomes definitive.

Here an image can be used to summarize the difference between the different lifecycles:

Differences between Projects management approaches

If the scope is defined and the context is stable, the predictive approach makes sense. If the scope is undefined or the context is unstable, the adaptive approach is preferable. Between black and white, hybrid shades of gray … Even the triple constraint behaves accordingly, with different combinations of its elements, fixed and variable.

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