The Kick-off – Pill 011

The moment when the project “really” begins: the kick-off meeting.

This is when the project officially starts, and should be organized right after the approval of the Project Charter and not after the plan (the plan should be one of the first thing to do right after).

The goal should (must) be to share the key element of the project with the team and stakeholders

There are some different types of Kick-off meetings:

  1. The Staff Kick-off: Just the Project management Team or the “Core Team” (a restricted group)
  2. The Extended Kick-off: with the whole team for a complete and immediate involvement
  3. The External Kick-off: with the client, when involved on the planning phase.

Of course we can have all of these 3 for each projects or just one, based on the needs and goal of the kick-off!

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